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Auden Got it Wrong

Stop all the clocks, dismantle the sun. It’s too late for that – she’s already gone. We should have pressed pause before she died, We just didn’t know it or else we’d have tried. Our tears kept on falling as … Continue reading

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Today the World is Different

The world is a sadder, more silent place now. It has lost a laugh. It’s lost more than that. It’s lost the beautiful 15 year old girl who first set eyes on the handsome guitarist in a local band. It’s … Continue reading

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Z is for…

Z is for…Zzzzzzz.  You need several hours sleep each night to be able to concentrate properly at school. The time you should go to bed will depend on how old you are and whether it’s a school night or a … Continue reading

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Y is for…

Y is for…You. That’s right.  The A-Z of tips for learning is almost finished so this is a reminder that the only person who can decide whether to try them again is you. There are lots of people around you … Continue reading

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Choose Your Words Carefully

“Parting is such sweet sorrow?” “Yes – what’s wrong with that?” “It’s just a bit…well, naff to be honest. What about something like: Parting is like tearing my soul in two. One jagged piece resides within my breast; the other, … Continue reading

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The first thing Jack noticed when he awoke was the smell of smoke. The second thing was the daylight streaming through the window. The daylight scared him more. His mouth felt furry, but there would be nothing to drink until … Continue reading

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X is for…

X is for…eXtra help. Sometimes people need a little extra help to learn this. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it can be tricky to learn in a class with 29 other children. This is where private tutors can … Continue reading

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