W is for…

W is for…Writing. There are already lots of tips in this A-Z of learning for making your writing better. Have another look at A is for…Adjectives, C is for…Connectives, O is for…Openers, Q is for…Quality and Quantity and V is for…Vocabulary.

However, the best thing you can do to become a good writer, besides practise, is to read. If you haven’t already read R is for…Reading, have a look at that now. When you read, have a notebook next to you and if you find any words or phrases that you like, write them in your notebook.  This will help you to remember them and then you can use them in your own writing. This isn’t cheating (as long as you don’t copy a whole story into your book)!  It’s called being a magpie (because magpies like to take anything they like the look of and use it themselves).  If you tell your teacher that you have started a magpie book they will know exactly what you mean and they will be impressed that you have taken a big step towards improving your writing.

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One Response to W is for…

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    I wish I’d thought of keeping a notepad with me while I’d read, when I was young. It would have been a lot easier to remember difficult words! Sometimes, I’ll see a turn of phrase that resonates with me, and I’ll write that down. Not to emulate, necessarily, but because I like how that phrase makes me feel about a story, and it’s always a nice reminder to go back and re-read, when I stumble on that phrase in my notepad again. 🙂

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