Shattered Dreams

We congratulated ourselves on finding the ideal home. All our lives we had dreamed of escaping the city, and finally we had a beautiful cottage: views of mountains from the front window and the peaceful lap-lap of the ocean behind.

Everything was perfect…until the night of the storm. Towering waves slammed against the windows, and seaspray leaked through the thatch. Fearing for our lives, we huddled together and prayed. The sea raged mercilessly all through the night, eventually calming as the sun rose.

The extreme weather meant we spent the next week clearing the detritus from the garden, before putting the cottage on sale.

This piece is writing is part of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups.

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12 Responses to Shattered Dreams

  1. mellywho says:

    Ohhh, I felt this one! It would be really scary to experience a storm so big and so close the the sea!

  2. Oh that would be such a sad end to a lovely dream. As always, beautiful imagery. I could really feel their joy turning to despair.

    • Sally-Jayne says:

      It’s a true story. A friend of mine has gone to live in Guyana, and her house overlooks the ocean. She emailed me on Monday to say that they’d had a storm, and the waves were so high that their garden was knee deep in water. After it receded they had a horrendous amount of clearing up to do. The only difference between this and my story is that she is staying put!

  3. Feared it was going to be the tsunami! I think they should give the cottage a bit longer…

  4. Oh no. What a terrible thing to happen. Just goes to show the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence!

  5. Mayumi-H says:

    I had completely forgotten about the challenge for this week, so this took me totally by surprise!

    Very nice description of both the house before and after the storm. I especially liked the touch of the family huddled together in prayer; it’s a simple detail but really brings home the fear of the moment.

  6. Really liked the sweep of this. And I’m glad your friend stayed put

  7. Ah, yes. Reminds me of the hurricane we had last October – a friend of mine is determined to go ahead with moving into her shore house year-round once it’s cleaned up and repaired (it isn’t habitable at the moment). In her position, I’d be putting the house on the market!

  8. deanabo says:

    How awful for them!

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