U is for…

U is for…Understanding. This is the most important part of your lessons. If you don’t understand, it won’t matter how motivated you are, you won’t be able to improve. If you don’t understand, you need to put your hand up and tell your teacher. As long as you have shown that you listened carefully during the lesson, they won’t be angry.

Sometimes children pretend that they have understood, and then try lots of tricks so that they don’t do any work: they pretend they can’t find a pencil, then when they find one they spend a long time sharpening it. Sometimes they take so long time to write the date that the lesson is finished before they have to start work; other times they will write a sentence, then rub it out and rewrite the same sentence. None of this will help you to get better, and school won’t seem fun if you can never do anything.

Next time you don’t understand, be brave! Put your hand up and say, “I don’t understand. Please could you explain in a different way.” Your teacher will then help you to understand. When you do understand what you have to do, you will be amazed how much faster the lesson goes and how much more fun it is.

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One Response to U is for…

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    So true! Every student struggles with some subject at some point. Bravo to those students who are brave enough to say they don’t understand and ask for help. Many times, there’s at least one other who’s having the same issue and just doesn’t want to be singled out.

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