Edward and Jacob

I miss my brother. We used to do everything together. We were born just a few minutes apart, and we never spent a moment away from each other – we even curled up in the same bed every night.

Nothing came between us – not even Bella, the attractive brunette next door. Oh, we had a little healthy rivalry, but we never actually fell out over her.

We had a proper little double-act going: I’d get up first and dance around a bit, giving Mom and Dad my cheekiest look, then Jake would pretend he’d only just woken up and come out all sleepy-eyed and stretching. Our parents could never resist and we’d always get treats from them.

We loved playing practical jokes on Mom and Dad. Our favourite was to bury our food bowl, and then stand around pretending it was empty and that we were starving. That was a fun game. Jakey’s other favourite trick was to crawl into people’s pockets and leave a poo in there. I thought that was really funny, but I never dared do it myself.

Other than that we didn’t really do much – just hung out together, dug lots of tunnels and chewed. We loved to chew. Didn’t matter what – Mom’s fingers (but only when we were babies and didn’t know any better – we stopped when we realised it hurt), toilet rolls, cereal boxes… Whatever we had we’d take an end each and laugh when we bumped noses in the middle.

But then one day Jakey didn’t want to play. I tried to coax him out of bed, kept telling him there were sunflower seeds on offer, but he didn’t want to open his eyes and he was breathing funny.

Mom and Dad took him to a place called The Vets. I think that might be a holiday resort because they told me he’s in gerbil heaven now.

The cage seems a bit too big for one though. I miss you Jacob. From now on, when I get a treat I’ll try to sneak an extra one, and I’ll think of you when I eat it. I love you brother.


Edward 08-01-13 Jacob 08-01-13

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2 Responses to Edward and Jacob

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    This brought me near to tears, Sally-Jayne.

    We never quite realize how much a part of our lives even the silliest antics of a pet become. This is a lovely tribute, especially sweet from little Edward’s eyes. Be well.

    • Sally-Jayne says:

      Thanks Mayumi. It happened all of a sudden – one day he was running around happily, the next he was gone. The vet thinks it was pneumonia. I’ve cried a few tears, but I still have 4 other “babies” that need my attention so I can’t afford to be too maudlin.

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