Midnight Falls

All was not well in Fairyland, and as usual it was over a girl. Team Fairygodmother thought it was the perfect match; Team Princecharming felt he ought to know the girl properly before the magic made him fall in love.

A fight ensued…one of them was knocked off-balance. As Midnight struck her head against a tree and fell unconscious to the floor, TeamFG looked on in horror. Now she couldn’t chime 12, Cinderella wouldn’t be forced to flee and Charming would discover that, although beautiful, she was decidedly dull and that one of her plainer sisters would be a more fun wife.

This bit of silliness is part of the 100 word challenge for grown ups over at Julia’s Place.

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7 Responses to Midnight Falls

  1. when you wish upon a star… makes no difference where you are.
    great new year’s fairy team play off!

    happy new year,


  2. Mayumi-H says:

    I love when contributors take these prompts in a new direction, as you’ve done here. The contest between the teams is a great idea! Well done and fun!

  3. JazzBumpa says:

    Clever, original and fun.
    “As Midnight struck her head against a tree ” is brilliant!

  4. Funny, really funny, and very original! Thank you.

  5. This is great Sally-Jayne. So original and so nicely written. Where do you get your ideas from?!!! Excellent. Happy New Year!!

  6. Taochild says:

    Good thing I did not read this before I wrote my own. It would have been stealing then haha

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