Henry Did It

This post was written for the 100 word challenge at Julia’s Place. Last week’s picture prompt was right up my street and I fully intended to join in, but the days ran away with me.

I did plenty of writing (I set up a new blog for my husband’s business and wrote several posts which I scheduled to publish over the next few weeks; I’ve given his website a bit of a make-over and added a Highlight of the Month page; I’ve written out my answers for an interview about working for myself which will be published on a friend’s blog soon…) but none of it was fiction.

I’ve also taken up the 30 day Facebook Challenge and the 30 day Marketing Challenge,  of which I’m trying to apply to SJB Teaching and IAB Tours, so I’ve been a really busy girl.  I’ve missed my fiction though so here goes for this week:


“Are you absolutely certain it was Henry? Only I blamed it on the dog.”

“I’m positive. I saw him with my own eyes.”

“What in broad daylight?”

“Of course not, Silly!  It was late evening, while you were watching the football. I was curled up on the window seat with my tea. You know how quiet I am. I don’t think he knew I was there.”

“Well clearly he didn’t or he wouldn’t have… What on earth possessed him to dig up our garden? I wonder why Alice didn’t stop him.”

“Now I come to think of it, I haven’t seen Alice for a few days…”

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15 Responses to Henry Did It

  1. enterprisegran says:

    Oh no! Poor Alice! I think we know where she is……a great take on the prompt!

  2. Mayumi-H says:

    It certainly sounds like you’ve been busy. Good luck with those 30-day challenges; I hope they do well for your projects. 🙂

    Nice take on the prompt! (I’d love to see what you would have done with last week’s, too, even if it’s late.) I like the conversational tone quite a bit…but there’s also that underlying tone of foreboding. Who’s Alice, I wonder? Another child, a pet? Yikes, Sally-Jayne! 🙂

  3. I hope Alice is okay, but somehow I doubt it. There was a commercial last year where the dog buried somebody, so maybe the dog really did do it. Fun take on the prompt.

  4. Sally says:

    Oh, how clever, great take on the prompt.

  5. Ah, I’m not sure that Alice will be seen at all !
    Very clever take on this week’s prompt. You certainly have been busy- and I thought I’d been industrious these last few weeks.

  6. Oops! No, no, Henry’s such a nice guy – it must have been the dog! I’m sure Alice just went on a vacation. Or maybe she’s laid up with the flu. Or a broken leg. Or something.

  7. Gilly Gee says:

    Imagine a great big round cave – that’s what my mouth became when I read this!
    Excellent, i love it. Oh and what a busy girl you’ve been, the husbands new blog is fab.

  8. gsussex says:

    Henry or the dog? Love the twist at the end; where is Alice?!

  9. ooohh what happened to alice i wonder??? 🙂

  10. sjbwriting says:

    Thanks for all your kind comments everyone. I think Alice is actually safe and well and there is some other (ir)rational reason why Henry was digging up their garden. If I find out the truth I’ll be sure to let you know.

    Mayumi – I might yet have a go at the prompt from last week. I have the story in my head – just need to find the words and time to write it down…

    Gilly – thanks for checking out the blog and for leaving a comment for Phoebe.

  11. DancingInTheRain) says:

    I love this. Well written, makes you wonder at first and humorous too. Great use of the prompt.

  12. I see a movie coming out here with Jack Nicholson digging up the garden

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