Random Muffins

I’m laughing this morning. I’m laughing a lot!

Quite often on Twitter I’ll see tweets from people’s automatically-generated newspapers: “The TomDicknHarry Daily is out. Top stories today via” followed by a list of names. From time to time my name is on the list.  Sometimes it’s a paper about MFL, which I do blog about. Once I published a science-fiction flash fiction story on my blog and the next day got a notification from a SF paper that one of the top stories was mine. Fair enough, I can see how that happened.

Usually I just ignore them. However,  today I had a notification that a paper called Yum Muffin had included a story it found via me.  I was curious. What on earth had I tweeted about that might end up in a paper about muffins?  I racked my brain and came up with nothing. Eventually curiosity got the better of me and I took a peek. There, towards the bottom, I did indeed find my name, alongside this link that I sent to a friend yesterday. It’s about finding your character’s voice when you are writing.

So now I’m picturing the confusion on the readers’ faces when they settle down to read (does anyone actually read these by the way?) all about cake-making and find an article about writing instead!  If you follow the link above you’ll see how the article managed to end up in Yum Muffin and why it started my day with a laugh.

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2 Responses to Random Muffins

  1. Hee hee, priceless 😀 After a ridiculously busy day and stupid long staff meeting this brought a smile 🙂

  2. Mayumi-H says:

    That’s funny. 🙂

    I completely agree with those daily dose mag links. Sometimes, I find my name in them, too, and I have no idea why!

    I actually took something away from that article, though. Journaling is a tool I hadn’t thought about before (I write a lot of setup background notes, but have never written from the alternate POVs), so this not only gave me a chuckle, but a new perspective for work.


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