That’s Not a Sonnet

This post is part of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups at Julia’s Place.I’ve been missing for a few weeks for various reasons, and I was hoping for a nice easy one to ease myself back in, but Julia had other plans! I really HATE poetry, so please be gentle with me.

This week’s 100 words are very hard.
To try or not to try, is the question.
The challenge caught me somewhat off my guard,
I now have headaches and bad indigestion.

At first I thought I might give it a miss,
But next week’s challenge could be even worse.
My mind is plunged into a dark abyss.
And so I struggle to complete this verse.

Poor Shakespeare must be turning in his grave,
And shouting “No my dear – you’ve done it wrong.
A lack of thought to rhymes I think you gave.
Your lines are all too short or much too long.”


An easier challenge for next week please please?
I’m pleading with you on my bended knees.

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22 Responses to That’s Not a Sonnet

  1. Taochild says:

    Love it! Seems you made the attempt to despite instincts. I just posted my painful attempt too haha

  2. Sandra says:

    Well done, it was a toughie this week. Loved how you managed to include a reference to Hamlet’s Soliloquy (is that how you spell it?)

  3. Well done for giving this week’s a go (sorry for prodding you to do it! especially as I have then been later than you to do it!)
    I especially like “To try or not to try, is the question.”, nice heads up to the bard there.
    You have the rhythm and rhyme down to a tee. You are more talented than you think :O)
    I have had a go at it, not sure about it really (and the more I read of others the less sure of it I am :S) Like you, I’d love a prompt next week that ISN’T poetic!!

    • sjbwriting says:

      I’ve just read yours – I think it’s brilliant. I couldn’t even begin to write one about George and his dragon! I know this tough ones are good for us and take us right out of our comfort zones, but I’m really hoping that next week I can scurry back into mine – even if it’s only for a week!

  4. fireflyphil says:

    I love that. By the way, I NEARLY put ‘Mrs. S’… in the thirteenth line of mine! (You will understand.)

  5. I like this! (And I agree about next week. 🙂 ) It’s hard to believe that you hate poetry. This flowed so well and got your feelings on the subject out there so well.

    • sjbwriting says:

      Thanks. I’m glad I gave it a go, coz it’s good to challenge yourself, but I’m also relieved that I’ve seen Mrs S promise someone a non-poetry prompt for next week! Poetry is really, really not my thing 😦

  6. Bod for tea says:

    You doth protest too much – this is great! Might have to give it a go myself now 🙂

  7. Well for someone who hates poetry, you’ve played a blinder S-J! Well done!

  8. Andrea says:

    LOL .. you made it look easy, I chuckled all the way through

    Andrea x

  9. jfb57 says:

    Well Miss, I’m afraid to tell you that showing such brilliance with poetry as is here, I’m going to have to set some more but later in the year! This is really good Sally-Jayne! Thank you so much for sticking with it & really meeting the challenge!

  10. lorrainefort says:

    You DID make it look easy and you encompassed what I believe many of us feel about the challenge…seems to me that putting the struggle into these words was most appropriate and I applaud your theme! 🙂

  11. Judee says:

    such fun, and you expressed yourself quite well, I think. I was a coward, alas!

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