The Joke’s on Who? – Part 5

This story was started many weeks ago for a game of consequences on the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. Snagglewordz wrote part one and then I took up the pen and wrote parts two andthree. Ventahl wrote part four and that should have been the end. Except that something about this week’s prompt drew me back to the story. So here, several weeks late, is part 5.

The Reverend James placed his teacup on the floor and settled himself back in his seat. “Goodness Gracious! I beg everyone’s pardon!”

Grandma cackled raucously. This was her best Christmas ever.

On the drive home David’s expression was icy and grim.

“It wasn’t my fault,” Susan pleaded. “You’re the one who suddenly decided we had to set out 3 hours early in case it snowed. I barely had time to wrap the presents, and I couldn’t find the labels.”

David’s face broke into a grin. “Did you see his face? I don’t think he’ll be round for tea for a while. God bless Grandma!”

Now why not go and see what the children did with the same prompt. Their challenge pieces are at 100WC.

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11 Responses to The Joke’s on Who? – Part 5

  1. buddhafulkat says:

    This is hilarious! I read this first and was dying to know what the gift was so I read the other posts in order. Very funny – well done to you and your collaborators!

  2. rogerdengle says:

    and now that I read the first four parts I have had my daily dose of laughter and then some. This was great! Thanks!

  3. GoofyJ says:

    ha ha! Awesome! I love that you’ve continued the story 😀

  4. Yes the story definitely needed that ending! Great fun and I’m sure Snagglewordz could only be delighted! Well done! The kids will love it, if they visit!

  5. Hahaha, just been to read the others; I’d forgotten what a fun prompt that had been- I’m sure that Julia will repeat it sometime. Job well done 😉

  6. Judee says:

    I have to wonder what was in that gift the reverend opened – and my imagination leaves me laughing. fun and well written!

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