National Enquiry

There are some people I chat to on Twitter who I have come to regard as friends, even though I’ve never met them. This piece of writing is dedicated to one of those friends. I’m mentioning no names, as I know she is keeping her blog private just for this week while we do a joint challenge with the children, but she’ll know who she is as soon as she reads it – as will most of you.

This post was written as part of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups over at Julia’s Place.

An enquiry was launched today into baggage handling procedures at all UK airports, in a bid to discover exactly how a tropical lizard, which has been causing havoc to local animals, was able to gain entry to the country.

“It wasn’t my fault,” said one baggage handler, who asked not to be named. “I’m just paid to empty the cargo hold, not to analyse what’s in there.”

Footage from airport security cameras clearly shows a 3-foot long, aquamarine spotted lizard riding twice around the baggage reclaim carousel, before hitching a lift on a trolley that took it straight through the Nothing to Declare channel.

STOP PRESS: Someone sent me a link today to this news story which seems to be a bizarre case of truth mirroring fiction.

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23 Responses to National Enquiry

  1. Han says:

    Love the fact that the lizard goes through Nothing to Declare.

  2. I like this very much and the baggage handler is right of course, it’s not his fault. However, I’m sure I don’t know any tropical lizards.

  3. Deirdre says:

    this made me grin!

  4. healthfulmomma says:

    very funny, those poor baggage handlers have difficult jobs!

  5. jonesingafter40 says:

    Thank you for the giggle!

  6. gsussex says:

    Classic! Great fun! Made me smile, but how scary would that be at 3 foot long?!

  7. Taochild says:

    I can see it happening just as you describe. Actually it seems maybe that is a memory and not just good writing 🙂

  8. DancingInTheRain says:

    Very funny. Well done and well written. (hitched a lift – love it) If it wasn’t wrapped up, how much analysing did the baggage handler actually have to do! I’m trying to imagine him lifting it out, but I’m failing miserably.

    • sjbwriting says:

      I think it’s quite a cheeky lizard, so he probably hopped out of the cargo hold onto the trailer by himself. He probably snaffled the baggage handler’s sandwiches for his journey as well!

  9. IsobelandCat says:

    One of my aunts rescued a stray dg in Spain. He chewed his way out of his transport kennel and found his way to a VIP lounge at the airport…

  10. buddhafulkat says:

    this one made me smile too – love your sense of humor!

  11. Judee says:

    I love the image of him riding around the baggage carousel. Fun entry!

  12. rogerdengle says:

    Very interesting news story about the real version of this story having happened. I thought your story was very creative and humorous. I’ll have to go look at the older word challenges and find that aquamarine reptile.

  13. GoofyJ says:

    ha ha! I loved this 😀

  14. You are on a sequel-high, S-J! Loved the original piece and this is just as good. Great piece!

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