The Great Santa Fun Run

I’m regretting it already. For the small amount I’ll raise even if I complete this fun run, I could just go home and pay it myself. I thought doing this, dressing the same as 499 other people would make me feel as though I belonged, part of a team. I was expecting a friendly Christmassy atmosphere. But I’ve never felt more alone. They all seem to know each other. They’re members of the same running clubs. I’m the outsider. I shuffle my feet and look at the floor, trying not to catch anyone’s eye. Half an hour to race time.

This post is part of the 100 word challenge over at Julia’s Place.

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17 Responses to The Great Santa Fun Run

  1. Aw, I bet if she said hello to a couple of people she’d make some friends… But I do know the feeling of the fundraising effort costing more than the money ultimately raised. You have to think in terms of publicity for the cause which is priceless. Good entry S-J.

  2. ventahl says:

    Felt a bit like this in Clifton, Bristol before xmas but shrugged and breathed in the spectacle. And enjoyed dressing up and peoples expressions as we charged through the streets. And got a mince pie at the end with the Lord Mayor. …. And, er, of course, raised Diabetes UK profile and some sponsorship. Hmmm need to work on motives … :/

  3. Alison Green says:

    I know exactly what you mean by being alone in a crowd. I also know the feeling of wanting to pay one’s own sponsorship, but I will still Race for life after my sisters and nieces ran for me last year.
    A thought provoking piece.

  4. Oh I feel sorry for her now. I also thought she looked like she didn’t fit in so gave her a bit of a K.A. attitude! I hope she stormed it :O)

  5. That familiar feeling captured really well. I reckon we’ve all been there at some time or other.

  6. I know what it’s like to feel alone in a crowd. Sometimes the wavelengths feel crossed even when you do try to greet people and talk. You captured that inner voice very well.

  7. Lorely says:

    You really have captured a moment we have all felt at some time or other! Great stuff!

  8. GoofyJ says:

    well done – it’s relatable to so many people – and I like that she’s sticking to it rather than going home. You captured the uncomfortableness of the situation really well.

  9. nellyache says:

    When I ran my first 5k, I felt exactly like this! I did know one other person, but he was a proper runner and finished in about 22 minutes, compared to my 37!
    Great work – enjoyed it!

  10. snagglewordz says:

    I feel it for her. I can just imagine her working up the excited anticipation of joining an event in the hope of making friends, but finding it anticlimactic because she’s too shy to initiate conversations. Sally-Jayne, I just want to give her a big hug!

  11. Gosh – how poignant Sally-Jayne! Really sad but I know how she feels! I did a ‘fun run’ once & although I enjoyed the running, the start was very lonely!

    Thank you for helping Kirsty with the 100WC. Let me know if there are too many!

  12. I’ve felt like that, as many other people have, all too often. What a great job of describing that situation so clearly.

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