Looking forward to 2012

2012. New year. New beginnings. New hopes. New dreams.  Whether you believe in making resolutions or not, the start of a new year is a time for looking forward and making plans. Personally, I never make New Year’s resolutions – if I want to do something I just do it whatever the time of year. However, I do have plans for 2012 and there is lots to look forward to.

BDA writing certificateOn a CPD front, I want to do some more courses with the British Dyslexia Association. Last year I did three one-day courses in multi-sensory approaches to teaching reading, writing and spelling. I found them so useful that this year I would like to do some more – particularly the dyslexia screening test. I would also love to complete their level 3 accredited programme, but that will depend on money.

BSL certificateStill with CPD, I have my British Sign Language level 2 exams this year. I’m more than a little worried about them. BSL is like any other language – you will never be fully fluent until you use it on a frequent basis with native speakers.  I attend my class each week, and I’ve definitely improved since I started learning two years ago, but I still don’t feel good enough. I’ll give the exams my best shot though.

I also intend to finish my children’s writing course this year. When I started it, the end of the course seemed forever away. Now I only have four assignments left so completing it should be easy. I’ve worked it out, and it equates to writing about 16 words a day!  All I need this year then is some inspiration…

Valentine's Tour flyerOther exciting plans for 2012 include continuing to help my husband, Ian, and his colleague, Michael, expand their tours programme.  They’ve been running successful ghost walks in Birmingham for a number of years, and this year will see the launch of sight-seeing walks every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year, as well as the occasional special event tour. First up for the special tours will be the Valentines Tour and Afternoon Tea (12th Feb), a walking tour aimed especially at children in the February half term holiday, and a Tolkien Tour (26th Feb). My contributions to all of this are many and varied:  I do a lot of the admin and research work, I design the flyers, I built a temporary website (www.midlandsdiscoverytours.co.uk) to keep them going while they worked on a better one, I keep their website and their Midlands Discovery and Birmingham Ghost facebook pages up-to-date, and I do my best to keep both Ian and Michael under control!

Before I stray too far from the subject of websites, this year will also see my friend’s Clare and Beauty website making its first appearance.  I’ve been working on it in my spare time and it’s almost ready. It just needs a few more photos, and should be complete in time for her return to work after her maternity leave.

My plan is also to continue fitting in my teaching and tutoring job around all this too!

2012 won’t be all about work though. Ian and I are also planning to spend more time exploring our own country this year. We both love travelling abroad and experiencing different countries, languages and cultures, but we are also aware that our own country has so much to offer. And there are still so many parts of it that we are not familiar with. This year will see us discovering Manchester and a few neighbouring towns, and Bristol and its surrounding area. We’re hoping to fit in a couple of other areas as well, but those two are our priority.  As chief admin and research assistant for Ian, I shall be taking plenty of pictures for his website, and making copious notes about things to do, places to stay and places to eat.

OK, maybe 2012 will be all about work.  2013 then. Maybe I shall make a resolution for 2013 about learning to relax. Or maybe not.

Happy New Year to you all, and may it bring you everything you hope for.

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  1. ventahl says:

    Bristol’s my way …?

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