The Joke’s on Who? – part 3

It’s a 100 word challenge with a difference this week. You write the first 50 words of a story and, then choose someone else’s beginning and write 50 words to end their story. This is an ending, so before you read this, you need to read Snagglewordz’ story to see how it started. To see what everyone else is up to and for a great read, head over to Julia’s Place.

They’d held their breath when Grandma opened the whoopee cushion, but she loved it! She might be 83, but she was spritely as a teenager and able to drop the cushion behind you without you realising.

Susan suddenly opened her eyes in horror. “OMG – the vicar is due for tea!”

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9 Responses to The Joke’s on Who? – part 3

  1. jfb57 says:

    I have to know – was he on the present list??!! Oh this is such great fun. I think I may tuck this away for later in the year when we could do a whole prompt about muddled presents!

    • sjbwriting says:

      I hadn’t thought about him being on the present list – just Grandma making him sit on the whoopee cushion. But it would be such fun for him to get a present too – I just might have to write a part 4 now – unless somebody else wants to continue this story?

  2. snagglewordz says:

    Hahahaha! A whoopee cushion in place of talcum powder, sounds like an excellent exchange to me! I’m just imagining the glee on Grandma’s face and the horror on everyone else’s, if she manages to prank the vicar.

  3. Hee hee, good stuff SJ. Have been eating and drinking with family over the last few days. If I havent totally pickled my brain I will see what I can do with some of the starts :O)

  4. ventahl says:

    Think I’d be able to tell this was yours, even if it wasn’t on your blog 🙂 Ditto the previous one. OMG text speak got you in dead on the 50 I C. Think I’d have taken the risk. Think grandma’s suffering from dementia and, judging by susan’s reaction, vicar should get a sense of humour!

  5. rogerdengle says:

    LOL! I got a good belly-laugh out of that last line! Great work you guys!

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