The Sea Son – part 2

It’s a 100 word challenge with a difference this week. You write the first 50 words of a story and, then choose someone else’s beginning and write 50 words to end their story. This is an ending, so before you read this, you need to read Ventahl’s story to see how it started. To see what everyone else is up to and for a great read, head over to Julia’s Place.

Zeus glared at Poseidon across the chess board. If that wretched Son of the Sea was calling in human reinforcements then so was he.

Julia and her husband were terrified when lightning bolts shot from his fingers, destroying the book. The sound of gulls faded to silence.

“Checkmate!” said Zeus.

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6 Responses to The Sea Son – part 2

  1. Cheeky! LOL! And I thought she’d be transported to another world! You thought I thought that, didn’t you! Well, pawns in a chess game works just a swell. Maybe I’ll start calling you Athena 🙂

  2. gsussex says:

    Fits beautifully, great writing!

  3. jfb57 says:

    Oooo! This reminded me of those films where the Gods play games against each other usually with humans down on earth! Brilliant Sally-Jayne!!

  4. snagglewordz says:

    Love it! Excellent ending to ‘part one.’

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