Christmas Concert

Well, the 100 word challenge seems to be becoming a real family affair. This is my brother Richard’s offering for the grown-ups version at Julia’s Place. My niece also had a go today at the children’s version, and her story can be found at SJB Teaching Kids.

My shiny trumpet tooted, “Goodbye”, as it was placed in its sturdy zipped case, in anticipation of hibernating ‘til next year. The season of Christmas concerts for the brass band had ended. Other band members packed various sizes of musical instrument away and wished each other a very merry Christmas.

Gill has written part two for this one.

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9 Responses to Christmas Concert

  1. DancingInTheRain says:

    My type of story… And lots of possible endings too.

  2. Or is there a secret brass instruments’ ball after the final finale….?

  3. gsussex says:

    A lovely take, with many opportunities to develop from part 1 . . . . Ok about to post part 2 of Christmas Concert . . . Here we go, I hope you like it?!

  4. This is an original story start; will keep the grey cells ticking over in between food/wine etc 🙂

  5. Dancing In The Rain has written an ending to this, it’s on my blog here: Enjoy.

  6. snagglewordz says:

    Very cool, like this different kind of start…will the follow-ups be from a human or instrument perspective, I wonder.

  7. jfb57 says:

    I can associate with this one Richard. I played an instrument that only came out for high days and holidays. Great to see you here on the 100WCGU. There’s no excuse not to become a regular you know. We have Sally-Jayne’s details! 😉

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