A Book I’ve Started but Not Finished

Too many to mention them all. I love reading, but there are so many excellent books out there that life is far too short to waste it on reading something I’m not enjoying. As I said a couple of weeks ago, I’m really fussy about choosing books to buy, but sometimes a rubbish one manages to skip through quality control. A few chapters in I’ll realise it’s a dud, give up, and put it on the charity shop pile.

The one that I think has been the biggest disappointment though is “One Day” by David Nicholls. I know it’s a book most people love – there are over 1000 reviews for it on Amazon and half of them gave it 5 stars, and it’s often chosen as a book club read. It was already being hyped up when I picked it up to read, so I had really high expectations.  Maybe I wouldn’t have disliked the book so much if I had read it before I heard such good things about it, but I don’t think so. It wasn’t that I disliked the characters, I just found them so boring that I didn’t care about them enough to keep reading.

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2 Responses to A Book I’ve Started but Not Finished

  1. Andy wts says:

    Oxford English dictionary’s one of mine ;P Seriously though, a loathsome little book was ‘Spawn’ by Shaun Hutson I read at the newsagents when I was a kid into horror. Sick and twisted, it made my head spin with nausea. Not for the faint-hearted or for even those with an iron constitution either. What it was doing in reach of a kid? The rest of his collection was also on the bottom shelf. Hmmmm? Much as I am against 1940s book burning, I could make a bonfire from his career! Having said that, I do enjoy Clive Barker, so maybe its just his style ….

    • sjbteaching says:

      Good old Shaun Hutson. Read one of his when I was a kid too (possibly Slugs?) and found it so boring I never bothered reading any others. Was always into horror (still am) but proper horror, not I’ll-write-a-couple-of-gory-scenes-instead-of-making-it-scary type horror, which i get the impression is what Hutson specialises in.

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