A Book I’m Embarrassed About Liking

I love children’s books. I may have left my childhood behind, but I still really enjoy books aimed at children. Not picture books you understand. Proper stories, but for much younger people. It seems to be socially acceptable these days to like books aimed at young adults (Harry Potter, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, The Hunger Games) and I do like these, in fact I think some books aimed at teenagers are far grittier than adult ones, but I also like books written for primary school children. I like Michael Morpurgo and Jenny Nimmo amongst others.

While I’m not embarrassed to admit my taste to friends, I would think twice about reading a kids book on the bus or train. I recently read Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian, but I kept it on my bedside table rather than get it out in the staffroom for my colleagues to see!

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2 Responses to A Book I’m Embarrassed About Liking

  1. Lorely says:

    Weird, isn’t it – I love kid’s books too, and always have. So much so that I am now writing a trilogy! But, like you, I feel a bit odd about sitting reading one on a train or whatever. Why is that?? Thanks for your comment on my 100 word challenge!

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