Crouching on the ground; watching him plant “our” tree.
Sitting in its shade; telling him about the mean girls at school.
Smelling the blossom; showing him a diamond solitaire.
Picking the apples; announcing that he’ll be a great-grandfather.
Watching the autumn leaves slowly fall to the ground; whispering “Goodbye. I’ll always miss you.”

This post is part of the 100 Word (only 50 word this week!) Challenge for Grown-Ups at Julia’s Place.

When you’ve done your 50 words this week, why not have a go at the 140 character Halloween story competition at Birmingham Ghost Walks? So far Ventahl is winning – are you really just going to stand back and let him?

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25 Responses to Grandad

  1. Susan Mann says:

    wow I’m impressed summing up a life of conversations in 50 words. Beautiful and touching. I love it. x

  2. GSussex says:

    That’s beautiful Sally-Jayne! I love the way it traces through time, the imagery and events. A great piece of writing in just 50 words.

  3. Dughall McCormick says:



  4. Lynda says:

    That ACTUALLY brought tears to my eyes. So very lovely.

  5. Julia says:

    Oh that is wonderful. So gentle but with a depth that families, life and love have. A beautiful piece. Thank you!

  6. sjbteaching says:

    Susan, Gill, Dughall, Lynda and Julia – thank you so much for your comments. I enjoyed writing this piece – although it was tough to stick to 50 words!

  7. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words) says:

    Sob! Loving. Beautiful. Heartfelt. Honest. Thank you for sharing.

  8. says:

    I love the way you wrote this lovely remembrance of years spent with a loved one. The structure serves your story so well in just those 50 words. I was very moved by it.

  9. sjbteaching says:

    Thanks Ré and Lisa. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  10. Made me cry too. Amazing how you can describe a lifetime’s relationship in 50 words. And so beautifully written.

  11. Anna Halford says:

    This is a really beautiful piece , brilliantly captured in 50 words. I am impressed 😀

  12. Andy wts says:

    I’m impressed by the parallels you draw between your life’s memories and the tree’s annual cycle (which I think is symbolic of your grandfathers life, esp the last line?). Very deep and moving. I also didn’t miss the ‘Call to Arms’ on Ian’s pages – that imp ventahl is dancing like a evil little goblin on the battlefield, will someone sniper him , pleeeeease!

    • sjbteaching says:

      It’s a bit less the relationship I had and more the one I wish I’d had. He died before I met Ian and I do regret that I never had the chance to introduce them. He also died a few weeks before my cousin gave birth to the son that would have been his first great-grandchild. But I do still miss him so much that it’s hard for me to talk about him without crying.

      Doesn’t look as if anyone here is going to try to steal your crown as Halloween Story Winner!

  13. Bill Dameron says:

    Sally-Jayne. You have outdone yourself this time. The parallel between the seasons of the tree and you and your grandfather’s life was incredible. So effective, so touching and so heartfelt. This one resonates.

  14. Janece says:

    I never had grandparents myself, but my parents got to be grandparents…dad didn’t make it until the kids grew up and I had my first granddaughter…Your post here so beautifully sums up the circle of life. It made me feel very warm and grateful.

  15. Alison Green says:

    A beautiful tribute, and offered you the opportunity to say the words you would have said, had you had the chance.

  16. sjbteaching says:

    Bill, Janece and Alison – thank you all for your comments.

  17. Ann D'Arcy says:

    Sounds like this is written from the heart. Very poignant. Loved it!

  18. bubbleboo says:

    A beautifully written and very touching piece. Wonderful.

  19. sjbteaching says:

    Robin, Ann and Bubbleboo – thanks for stopping by and for your comments.

  20. Very poignant and lovely. Also thank you for stopping by to read my contribution. 🙂

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