My Favourite Travel Book

This is another category that had me stumped for the same reason as before – I don’t like non-fiction much. But then Mr B reminded me that I had read Notes From a Small Island. I remember the advert for the book when it came out was something about if the person sitting opposite you on the train was laughing out loud they were probably reading this book. I did read it on the train, on my daily commute to work, and I did laugh out loud so the advert must be have been true. I did enjoy it enough to read a few more books by Bill Bryson, but none of the others were quite as funny. I didn’t enjoy it enough to make travel books a regular part of my reading life. I’m definitely a fiction sort of a girl.

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2 Responses to My Favourite Travel Book

  1. Andy wts says:

    Read ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ and do both! Or anything else by Jules Verne for that matter, although his style can be a bit lugubrious at times!

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