Mary thought it was the most beautiful planet she had ever seen. She and the last few survivors of the human race had been forced to leave their homes when fossil fuels had run out, and global warming had rendered their planet uninhabitable. They had searched the universe for many years, seeking out a new home. This planet seemed perfect for their needs. Soon they could awaken the others from their suspended animation.

They landed their pyramid-shaped spaceships near a long river, which they named the Nile, and vowed that they would take better care of this beautiful planet and its resources.

This post is part of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups at The Head’s Office

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19 Responses to Exile

  1. Andy wts says:

    I can see the curve of the the Earth, with an impossibly bright white star breaking over the rim to starburst Mary’s face when I read the first line. Thought provoking, sobering piece right up to the oh-so-ironic tongue-in-cheek punch line. Subtly brilliant reversal had me fooled. Bravo 🙂

    • sjbteaching says:

      Thanks. The idea of Earth not being the first planet that humans lived on (and wrecked) is one I’ve had in my head for a while – this seemed like a good place to try it out.

  2. Robin Hawke says:

    Sign me up! Hope humans don’t become an invasive species in their new home…


  3. Anna Halford says:

    Lovely post; love the way you interpreted it

  4. Bill Dameron says:

    I love the pyramid shaped spaceships parked along the nile, and the fact that Mary is on another flight into Egypt. Very smart!

    • sjbteaching says:

      When you stand at the foot of the pyramids and look up, it seems far more plausible that they were put there by aliens rather than built by us without the benefits of modern technology!

  5. Great post, the way that you used the idea that Earth was not the humans first planet is brilliant…

  6. Julia says:

    I love all these sci-fi pieces. I might make it the prompt one week. Do you read it as a genre? Great piece!

    • sjbteaching says:

      I love sci-fi. As a kid I read everything Asimov ever wrote, loved Douglas Adams, watched Star Trek….. My favourite sci-fi book from recent years is actually a YA one called Unwind. It’s about future technology more than space travel, and it may be aimed at teenagers, but it covers some really serious moral issues.

  7. says:

    I like your story. If only more of us could think about this scenario before we destroy the planet we live on now.

    • sjbteaching says:

      I agree. I went to the National Space Museum last year and there was a bit that discussed the idea of us colonizing Io, one of Jupiter’s moons. I couldn’t help but wonder how long it would take us to ruin it if we ever did.

  8. Susan Mann says:

    Fantastic imagery, love this take on the prompt.

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