My Favourite Non-Fiction Book

This category was a toughie, because I don’t really read non-fiction for pleasure. To me, non-fiction books are for dipping into when you need a particular piece of information on a particular topic, not for reading cover to cover. I racked my brains trying to think of a non-fiction book that I’d willingly read from front to back and that I could honestly call my favourite. I couldn’t think of one.

So then I decided to reinterpret the category as “non-fiction book that you couldn’t bear to be without”, and that was a dead cinch! For the last two years I’ve been working in schools as a One2One tutor, and in that time I have used one particular book almost every day. It’s looking very battered these days, because it’s been well-thumbed by countless primary school children, but it has helped them improve their writing skills immensely. The book? Collins Gem School Thesaurus. I suspect my husband is going to tease me mercilessly about my choice this week, but I’m still standing by it!

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4 Responses to My Favourite Non-Fiction Book

  1. Ian Braisby says:

    As if I would tease you. I can vouch for its constant presence among SJB’s work stuff and its deteriorating condition after intensive use by so many children.

  2. Andy wts says:

    The Guinness Book of Records. Or any history book, the more battles the better. Fact is stranger than fiction … (At least I didn’t say Yellow Pages!)

    • sjbteaching says:

      Guiness Book of Records….Yellow Pages….My point exactly! Non-fiction is for dipping into as and when you need it, rather than sitting down and reading it from cover to cover.

      • Andy wts says:

        There are some rousing history books and harrowing first hand accounts from the camps I’ve read. From cover to cover. Granted, history is written by the victor (mostly!) but I hope most of what I read is true.

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