My Favourite Fictional Hero

A few years ago I would have had no trouble at all answering this question. My answer would have been a whole-hearted Jack Reacher. Reacher is all man: tall, muscled, strong enough to take on 6 men at once (and win!) but intelligent as well. He sounds a bit like James Bond, and in a way he is, but whereas Bond has an arrogant attitude towards women, taking it for granted that they would swoon at his feet, Reacher had a more vulnerable side and never presumed. However, in recent books a Bond-style arrogance has crept into his character and it doesn’t suit him.

I still love his devil-may-care attitude to life. I still love his fierce sense of justice and his black-and-white-no-time-for-grey views on right and wrong, but without his vulnerability I don’t find him quite so endearing as I once did.

The problem is that no other hero has captured my interest in the same “must buy the hardback coz I can’t wait for the paperback” way. So after a lot of consideration, I think I have to say that my favourite hero still is Jack Reacher.

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5 Responses to My Favourite Fictional Hero

  1. Andy wts says:

    I’ve got to say that my favourite fictional hero is Nikolai Dante, a character spawned from 2000AD 10 years ago and has developed from a cavalier, womanising thief and adventurer to the leader of the revolution against Tsarist tyranny and oppression in a far future fictional world where the Russian revolution never happened. Colourful, bizarre, fantastical and in parts, quite dark, yet utterly compelling, at least to me, and not a few like me … look him up. No doubt Jack Reacher is the archetypal good guy, but how would he fare facing difficult moral dilemmas where the establishment is more corrupt than even a thief’s principles. What does it take to survive and not be tainted by your decisions? Is it even possible? Heroes be damned!

    • sjbteaching says:

      I’ve just looked him up on Amazon. Nikolai sounds fun and from the reviews the stories sound quite good too, but I’m a bit put off because they seem to be comic books? Is this correct? I don’t have anything against comic other than I can’t settle into them in the same way that I can a narrative. I find the pictures too distracting – I don’t really like books with illustrations in. I much prefer a good description so I can build my own picture in my head.

      • Andy wts says:

        Graphic novels, pur leeeez! The next person who calls them comic books gets a slap. I appreciate the artwork and the dialogue, which is probably why my pieces tend to be more character driven than description. Since graphics are my bag and writing seems to be on the cards at the mo, combining the two seems a natural progression. Which probably explains my passion for ‘comics’ as an artform. Now I need to give myself a slap 😀 There are a couple of novels or three by budding writers, Honour be Damned, Imperial Black … but his exploits tend to be interpreted by artist Simon Frasier and others. But the very best illustrations (in general) were drawn by Don Lawrence, years back, who drew in an era when there was ample time to devote to his craft. The photo realism of the worlds he created was breathtaking, each frame hand painted with a master’s brush. I have never seen his like before or since. Anyway, I take your point, I don’t agree, but then I’m biased and have been following his lurid tales for ages. Humour me :))

        • sjbteaching says:

          Oops sorry *blush* – graphic novels. Whatever they are called I don’t like them! It’s just personal preference though. And wouldn’t life be boring if we all liked the same stuff?

          • Andy wts says:

            Touche! Which is good news as everyone has a chance of success, whatever they write – there’s bound to be an audience somewhere 🙂 Just hope publishers dont hack the story, characters, tone, length etc around too much. Been told not to treat any potential novel as a baby, but more like a commodity. Not to get too precious. Its whatever sells I suppose at the end of the day.

            PS There tends to be more blokes into GNs, it all harks back to the Beano etc, I suppose :/ but its a pity we’re forced to grow up (as much as any bloke ever grows up!) . Then we disguise it by calling them GNs! Anyway, live and let live, of course. Good motto. Must go back now to finish reading Nikolai’s latest exploits … 😉

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