My Favourite Genre

Like most people, I like to be scared. So my favourite genre is Horror, right? Wrong. I’ve never had trouble sleeping after watching a horror film or reading horror fiction, because I know that it’s all made up. I get scared by things that could happen, so my favourite genre has to be psychological thrillers. I find books about mad people fascinating and more than a little chilling. One of the creepiest books I have read is Denial by Peter James. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away in case you decide to read it, but I will just say that the victim was selected because of something she did that was part of her job, that she didn’t give a second thought to, which in the villain’s twisted mind was the worst crime imaginable for which she had to be severely punished.. Other writers in this genre I have tried and liked are: Patrick Redmond, Jeff Abbott and Jonathan Nasaw.

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2 Responses to My Favourite Genre

  1. My favorite genre is paranormal romance. It makes sense, because I love fantasy and I love romance. A psychological thriller every now and then is good fun, too, though.

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