Blue Skies and Sunshine

This is probably cheating, but I’ve written a second piece for the week 6 prompt of the 100 Word Challenge. It just kept buzzing round in my head, insisting I wrote it down so here it is.

After three days of grey skies and heavy rain, the sun shone, but not everyone was happy about it. The people of the small desert town of Weayaya had been planning a street party to celebrate the first rainfall for 87 years.

Young Alec gazed upwards. “It looks as though there may be more rain coming from over there,” he said hopefully, pointing across the blue, cloud-free sky. The adults took down the bunting they had stretched across the road yesterday. This bad weather was going to spoil the celebrations if it didn’t change soon.

The sun shone, but so it did every day.

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8 Responses to Blue Skies and Sunshine

  1. Andy wts says:

    Neat reversal, especially reference to ‘bad weather’. Ha ha. And you managed to double the prompt. Cheeky. 🙂

  2. Julia says:

    What a brilliant turn-around! I love it. Don’t apologise for writing two – it is great that you have those words to share!

  3. Anna Halford says:

    I enjoyed this one; with another damp summer here it’s easy to forget that there are many parts of the world who’d love as much rain as the UK; great write 🙂

  4. sjbteaching says:

    Thanks all for your comments. I just really liked the idea of sunshine being a bad thing, and the idea drove me mad till I wrote it down.

  5. I agree, clever twist to the tale, was fun to read! They can have our rain if they want it, rather sick of it at the moment, lol! ;O)

  6. says:

    Such an economy of words, and an interesting twist on the prompt! I really like how you went with this.

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