The Land of the Ancient Myths

We took a walk out of Sorrento centre up to the top of the cliffs, and then followed a cobblestone road back down to the shore, further round the coast from the harbour. Here we had fun scrabbling across the ruins of a Roman villa. We sat on the rocks and looked out across the sea towards the various islands, and I let my imagination take me back through time.

This was the place where, according to ancient myths, the Sirens sat, singing their beautiful songs and luring poor unsuspecting sailors to their deaths. This is the place where, according to legends, Ulysses filled his crew’s ears with wax so that they wouldn’t hear the songs, and instructed them to tie him to the mast so that he could hear the song without endangering his ship.

This part of the Italian coast isn’t just beautiful, it’s interesting and steeped in history and legends. Well worth a visit – maybe even two.

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