The Case of the Missing Cases

Our holiday didn’t get off to the best of starts, what with almost missing the 2nd flight, but once we collapsed into our seats and waited for take-off we thought that perhaps we could relax, look forward to getting to our hotel and enjoy our holiday. Wrong!

On arrival at any airport I always have a moment of panic in case my suitcase didn’t make it – (that happened to me once: my case spent a week at Brussels airport with Munich, Brussels and Birmingham all denying any knowledge until, after a particularly frustrating phone call, a man in Brussels took pity on me and admitted that a suitcase matching the description of mine had been sitting in his office for  a week – my case and I were reunited about 6 hours later) – but I have never known an airline company lose everyone’s cases before…

We waited by the designated carousel but nothing happened – never mind not disgorging our bags, the belt didn’t even start going round. The plane had taxied right up to the airport building – no shuttle bus for us – so we knew that the luggage didn’t have far to come and shouldn’t be long. At first we waited patiently. After about 20 minutes of nothing we started to get fidgety. Ten minutes more passed, and still no sign of the carousel starting up, or explanation from airport staff. It was time to face customer services…

After finishing her text message, and reapplying her lipstick, the bored-looking girl asked if I could describe my lost case. Well yes, I could describe mine and my husband’s, but this is not the point. Nobody has their luggage.
– Nobody? Oh well, that is different.
– I know.
– How many people in my group had lost luggage?
– Well, as I said, it’s not just my group. It’s the whole plane.
– No. This cannot be. There is some mistake.
– Exactly. So what’s happened? Where are our cases?
– No. This cannot be. There is some mistake.

I thanked the bored-looking girl for her help, although I’m not sure why, and looked around for someone else to speak to. I spotted an official-looking man and decided to see if he could help instead. He looked very confused and then picked up a phone. There followed a melange of German and Italian, a little shouting and a lot of hand-waving. Finally he put the phone down and told me, “There is problem, but people at plane make no sense.” He didn’t understand and he couldn’t help.

My phone beeped – a text from Ian to say that the belt had just started up. I thanked the official-looking man, although I’m not sure why, and hurried back only to find that although the belt had indeed started up, there was still no sign of anyone’s cases.

Eventually they started coming out, and finally there was my red one and Ian’s blue one. Total time from landing to collecting cases – 1 hour and 25 minutes. And no-one ever did tell us why there was a delay.

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