The Most Inspiring Book I’ve Read

Travelling Light – Katrina Kittle. It has been a number of years since I read this, and I originally started reading it because the blurb on the back said it was about a girl who had to give up dancing because of an injury. I could relate to that because I’d had to give up dancing too, due to problems with my knees. As it turned out, the dancing injury was just a by the way, and the book was actually a beautiful but emotional exploration of life’s frustrations (working in a job you hate), disappointments and devastations (watching someone you love die of AIDS). Although fiction, the writer is so convincing in her detail that I think she must have experienced some of the events first hand. Throughout it all the main character reacts exactly as you would expect from anyone in her position – it’s not fair, why me? etc.  But she learns to adapt and cope, and that’s why it was so inspiring, because it makes you realise that no matter how bad it gets, you can and will get through it. It certainly put my life into perspective.

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